6 Reasons to Hire Professionals to Move Your Piano

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  • 03 Mar, 2016
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6 Reasons to Hire Professionals to Move Your Piano

Whether you have a beautiful grand piano or a smaller vertical piano, one of the hardest things during a move is figuring out how to transport it. You may feel tempted to just round up a bunch of friends and move it yourself. Instead, consider hiring a professional for the following six reasons.

1. Save Money

The most common reason people give for not hiring professional removalists is that they want to save money. However, in many cases, you actually spend less money on a move when you hire professionals, especially if you have to move a piano.

You may need to repair a leg, replace a pin or return the piano if you attempt to move it yourself. Avoid these issues by hiring experts with the right equipment.

2. Avoid Injury

Even the smallest pianos weigh a lot (about 150 kg to 250 kg). They also have awkward, bulky shapes and sizes that are difficult for moving, whether they’re a rectangular upright piano or a baby grand. These characteristics make pianos difficult to move, especially for people without the proper training and equipment.

If you try to lift a piano without the necessary preparation, it could easily slip and fall on your foot. Avoid a trip to the hospital, and let the professionals do the work.

3. Avoid Damage

As mentioned earlier, numerous piano components become vulnerable while in transit. Chances are you’ve already spent a lot of money to find the perfect piano for you and your family, and this instrument probably holds a lot of sentimental value. There’s no need to risk its safety by moving the piano by yourself.

You also want to avoid damage to your new home, your old home and anything else the piano could touch. The awkward shape of pianos makes them cumbersome to transport by hand, even when you have multiple helpers.

Often, people who attempt to move their own pianos end up bumping into walls, door frames and other obstacles in their old home, as well as their new one. Avoid denting your new home’s wall and let professionals do the job.

4. Use Proper Transportation

When moving a piano on your own, you will most likely use a small trailer or truck to transport it. You may decide to hold down the piano with ropes, and these tethers can strain or break under stress.

Professional piano movers have trucks and padding specifically for this job so that your piano stays as safe as possible during the physical move.

5. Use Proper Equipment

If your piano needs to get up or down any amount of stairs or travel several floors in any apartment building, the removal becomes significantly harder. However, professionals have a piano board that they use to manoeuvre the instrument up or down stairs.

They may also use padding to prevent damage. If stairs are too constricting for your piano, the removalists have other tested and safe methods of moving the instrument.

6. Save Time

No matter who transports your piano, the process takes time. When your hire professionals, you can save that time and use it to pack up everything else in your house, clean the area or complete other items on your checklist.

And, as long as you keep a clear path, the removalists can transport your piano much faster than you and a couple friends would.

If you have any questions or concerns, talk to a local piano mover. They will go through their process with you and explain all of their equipment and transportation. Their greatest concern is your piano’s safety, and they will do everything within their power to make sure it arrives at your new home in the same condition it left your old one.

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