4 Tips for Packing Clothes When Moving House

  • By Tonya Davis
  • 22 Nov, 2016

4 Tips for Packing Clothes When Moving House

You would think that packing up your clothes for a house move is no big deal. After all, clothes are not fragile like your dinner plates, nor are they bulky like your furniture. But, if you don't give some thought to your clothes while packing, you may end up with damaged fabrics or lost shoes.

The staff at Melbourne Cheap Suburb Removal is  committed  the careful transport of your household items in our well-maintained trucks. When you put these four clothes packing tips to good use, you help our movers maintain this commitment.

1. Use Boxes Instead of Garbage Bags

Garbage bags may appear an easy choice when you need to pack your shoes. However, the problem is garbage bags offer little protection once loaded into the back of a moving truck.

Cardboard boxes are a better choice for shoes. Take the time to stuff scrunched newspaper into each shoe so it maintains its shape once packed. Next, layer the shoes carefully and put a piece of acid-free tissue paper between each layer. When you layer the shoes, they are less likely to rub against each other while in transit.

2. Use Your Suitcases

It makes sense to fill your suitcases before loading them into the moving truck, and two wardrobe items are the perfect choice for these bags.

First, load all of your shirts into the suitcase. Because of the length of the case, you don't have to fold your shirts up. Packing shirts flat makes it easy to unpack them and put them away in your new home.

Next, fill up any unused suitcase space with accessories—particularly all your belts and handbags. If you want to make sure these items don't leave any marks on your clean shirts, tape tissue paper around metal buckles to prevent damage to the fabrics.

3. Wardrobe Moving Boxes

You will likely move house more than once in your lifetime. In 2012, Australian Bureau of Statistics noted that 43% of Australians had moved house in the prior five-year period.

Good quality wardrobe boxes are worth the monetary investment since you can store them flat for future moves once they are unpacked. Wardrobe boxes are perfect for clothing items that easily wrinkle. If you have dry-cleaned clothes in your wardrobe, this type of box allows you to hang them up, and it stops them from getting scrunched up during the move.

When packing wardrobe boxes, remember that too many clothes will make them heavy. You don't want the box to collapse while in the truck. Spread your clothes across several boxes rather than trying to cram them all into one.

Additionally, since wardrobe boxes stand tall, use the empty space at the bottom to pack pillows or cushions.

4. Vacuum Bags

Vacuum bags, also known as space saver bags, are the perfect tool for moving bulky clothes. Clothes such as winter coats and ski jackets fit nicely into vacuum bags.

You can purchase these bags from your local department store. Place as many thick clothing items into the bag as the space allows, and then suck out the air with your vacuum cleaner. Vacuum bags do not need packing into boxes because of their thick plastic exterior. The vacuum bags are strong enough for loading straight into the moving truck.

Once you arrive at your new home, you may even decide to leave your bulky clothes inside the bags since they take up less room in your closets.

Use these four packing tips to ensure your clothes arrive at your new home in the same condition as when they left your old home. Careful preparation of your clothes now means a fast unpack at your new residence.

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